Jewish Baby Naming Ceremonies

secular jews - baby in baby naming ceremony

A child is something else: to glimpse through the fence
of the Garden of Eden in the rain of a spring day, to kiss asleep.
A child saves from death.
Child, garden, rain, and fate.
                                    ~Yehuda Amichi

Baby naming ceremonies are joyous opportunities to welcome new ones into your family. I will help you to create a unique secular, humanistic ceremony that expresses the hopes and dreams you have for your child. You may choose at this time to give your child a special Hebrew or Yiddish name along with the everyday name you’ve chosen, or to tell your guests stories about the relative for whom your child is named. You may want to include music or poetry or special foods. Some families like to include older siblings in the ceremony, which can deepen the experience for all.

Secular Jewish ceremonies treat boys and girls with equal respect and significance. Secular Jews have varying opinions about whether or not to circumcise boy babies, and that decision is of course yours to make. Those who choose to circumcise often do so in the hospital prior to the baby naming ceremony. I am available to talk with you about this decision if that would be helpful.