Jewish Weddings and Jewish Commitment Ceremonies

secular humanist wedding - photo

secular jewish wedding - photo

Surrounded by loved ones, you stand under this chuppah, a symbol of the new home you are creating by your union.
May your home be a shelter against the storms, a haven of peace, a stronghold of faith in one another.

Planning for a wedding can be a precious shared experience in the life of a couple, an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of yourself and your partner and to continue to plant the seeds for a loving, committed future together.

Secular Jews often want to include traditional Jewish wedding rituals in their ceremony. Rituals such as signing the ketubah, marrying under the chupah, the wine blessings and the Seven Blessings, and breaking the glass at the end of the wedding can all be interpreted non-theistically and woven beautifully into your ceremony.

Your ceremony may include personal stories, readings, music and song. It can be grounded in tradition or uniquely brand new. Above all else, it is your wedding, an expression of the values and traditions that are most important to you.

I am happy to officiate mixed-cultural weddings, the union of Jewish and non-Jewish partners. These weddings can be especially evocative, weaving together the rituals and traditions of each individual’s culture. For some intercultural weddings, I have co-led with secular and traditionally religious clergy from a variety of traditions.

I marry heterosexual and same-sex partners. I wholly support marriage equality and am overjoyed that I can now legally marry same-sex partners in Washington State. I am happy also to officiate at heterosexual and same-sex commitment ceremonies for those who prefer or who cannot yet marry legally.