About Susan Levine

Secular jewish leader officiating at wedding

I’ve lived my life as a secular Jew, enjoying the richness of Jewish culture in its many forms. As an adult, I was introduced to Secular Humanistic Judaism, a branch of Judaism that combined my secular Jewish identity with my interest in ritual. In 2001 I completed studies through the International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism and was ordained as clergy through the Leadership Conference of Secular Humanistic Jews.

A co-founder of Secular Jewish Circle of Puget Sound, I worked as the group’s madrikha (leader) for ten years, creating and leading the array of lifecycle rituals and holiday observances, managing the Sunday School, and providing opportunities for adult education. I feel passionately about helping secular Jews and their families bring beauty and depth of meaning to their holidays, lifecycle rituals, and everyday life.

In addition, I am a psychotherapist with years of experience in listening carefully to and addressing the needs of individuals and couples. I am located in Seattle, Washington.

Professional Membership: Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations